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What's the story about sumac?

This crimson red, tart powder is a powerful tool in the loso spice cabinet.

Studies have shown that adding acid to a dish helps mimic the same taste sensation that salt does on the taste buds. But adding lemon or lime add a distinct citrus flavor that I might not want in the finished dish. Enter the powerful sumac berry...

Found in the Mediterranean and Africa as well as North America, this red berry adds much more depth and flavor than just adding something sour. It hits the palate with a nice sharp tartness that mellows into a subtle sweetness.

I use this spice just as I would a finishing salt or acid, typically just before serving. I also will sprinkle it over meat and veggies before tossing on the grill. I love to sprinkle over roasted potatoes or even over so fresh melon.

So what do you think? Thank you'll give it a try?

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