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Joon Gourmet - Low Sodium Sauces

It's officially grill season. Well, it's been grill season for awhile now. Now, that does mean that I'm not exactly working my recipe magic, because you can't really mess up a quality steak with a side of fresh salad. But... I found some delicious new sauces.

I found these at my local olive oil boutique. I highly recommend finding a high quality vendor that sells premium olive oil, I promise it's worth it. My store had the Sumac Steak Sauce and the Pomegranate Sauce.

Sumac Steak Sauce: Now, you won't catch me putting steak sauce on my steak. It's just not going to happen. But this tangy, savory sauce is perfect on grilled chicken. Everyone already knows how I feel about sumac. It's a complex spice that just really amps up the flavor in your cooking. It's got that tart tang that you look for when you start cooking low sodium, but it doesn't have a strong citrus or vinegar flavor that lemon, lime or vinegar add. This sauce is 50mg per tablespoon.

Pomegranate Sauce: This is another tangy and savory sauce that, again, is wonderful on grille chicken. But this is also amazing in sweet and sour meatballs. You know the ones, th

e ones you usually find bubbling in a crockpot at a party. The ones with the grape jelly and chili sauce. Your friends will be clamoring for the recipe if you replace that jelly for this. This sauce is 90mg per 2 tablespoons.

Now, this is not a paid post. It's just a product that came across my radar that I thought you might be interested in too. You can find them at their website

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