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Halladay's Burger Blend

Bonus post for the week! Every once in awhile, I like sharing products that have crossed my path in this exciting low sodium journey. This is one of them. And no, I'm not sponsored.

Farmhouse Onion Burger Mix

I stumbled across these at my local olive oil specialty store. This is the first one I tried. This particular one had 90mg per serving. I understand that this might not work for everyone at those numbers. It added a lot of flavor. With this many alliums in one mix, it's no wonder that minimal sodium in the product isn't noticed. We often use things like onions and garlic to fill that gap on the taste buds. I love the toasted onion and leek combination. It can be found here. Served with some of my homemade pickles and a homemade bun with my favorite bread recipe and it's a pretty hearty meal.

They have so many options for dips and sauces, I'm excited to try more. They do have a pancake mix, but their website didn't have any nutrition information, so I'll pass on that for now. You know that one hurts, your girl loves a good pancake.

I look forward to trying much more of their line and sharing them with you.

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