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Low Sodium Chicken Tortilla Soup

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Soup has just been speaking to me lately. And this soup is so aromatic and quick to put together. I use a slow cooker and just toss it all in. No need to complicate matters. I use a "convenience" food. Namely, a bagged pepper and onion mix found in the freezer section. Someone else does the chopping. Im ok with that.

This soup fills my home with delicious scents and is so simple to make. The cornmeal gives the soup a complex flavor as well as thickening it up a bit.

This soup boasts 189mg for the entire pot. The whole thing. That's 47.25 mg per serving for 4 servings. Or 94.5 mg for 2 servings.


  • 8 oz chicken breast

  • 14.5 oz no salt added stewed tomatoes

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 1/2 cup onion and pepper mix

  • 1 cup frozen corn

  • 1 herb ox sodium free chicken bullion packet

  • 1 clove garlic, minced

  • 1/2 tsp paprika

  • 1 tsp oregano

  • 1 tsp cumin

  • 2 tsp corn meal

  • No sodium tortilla chips, crushed


  1. Put all the ingredients except corn meal and tortilla chips into your slow cooker.

  2. Mix it around. Its just soup, no need to worry about it being perfect.

  3. Cook on high for about 4 hours until the chicken hits 160° F.

  4. Remove chicken and place on cutting board. Using 2 forks, shred the chicken.

  5. Stir cornmeal into the slow cooker and thoroughly mix.

  6. Add chicken back into the slow cooker and leave for about 30 minutes.

  7. Serve topped with crushed tortilla chips.

See... easy peasy!

As you might have noticed, I'm not exactly the finickiest of chefs. I have a tendency measure with my heart. I love changing out ingredients and being rather willy nilly. For example, I sometimes make this soup with diced tomatoes. Or I add no salt added Rotel. Cooking is supposed to be fun! So I love hearing whatever variation you come up with or use in your home! Who knows, maybe it'll feature on my page one day!


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